Wanawasa.com is a static website built using WordPress by DTK Holdings as part of our charity work. The website was created for Wanawasa Rajamaha Viharaya, a Buddhist temple, to provide an online presence and share information about the temple’s activities with the wider community.

The website features several pages, including a home page that provides an overview of the temple’s activities, an about page that provides information about the temple’s history and mission, a Dhamma school page that shares information about the temple’s religious education programs, a social services page that highlights the temple’s community outreach programs, a news and events page that provides updates on upcoming events, and a contact page that allows visitors to get in touch with the temple’s staff.

The website was built using WordPress, a popular content management system that allowed for easy management and updating of the website’s content. The static nature of the website ensured that it was fast and responsive, providing a seamless user experience for visitors.

Overall, the Wanawasa.com website was a successful project that allowed DTK Holdings to give back to the community by providing a valuable online platform for the temple.

This project was completed as part of DTK Holdings’ ongoing commitment to supporting local and international non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to using our expertise to help these organizations in their important work.