Wanawasa Rajamaha Viharaya Official Website

The website features several pages, including a home page that provides an overview of the temple's activities, an about page that provides information about the temple's history and mission, a Dhamma school page that shares information about the temple's religious education programs, a social services page that highlights the temple's community outreach programs, a news and events page that provides updates on upcoming events, and a contact page that allows visitors to get in touch with the temple's staff.


Coffee Shop Website

Our team was passionate about helping small businesses thrive online, and we knew that the right website could help the coffee shop expand its customer base and enhance its brand. We started with a deep dive into the coffee shop's brand and target audience. From there, we worked closely with the owners to develop a custom design that captured the essence of the coffee shop and made visitors feel at home.


Dhamma School LMS

The main objective of the project was to provide a platform for students to access online learning resources, such as course materials, assessments, and quizzes. Students were able to authenticate using their Microsoft account, and were given domain-based email addresses. By leveraging Office 365 education package, students could collaborate with teachers and peers, and access Microsoft's suite of productivity tools.


Green Cart Food Store Project

The Greencart Project was a website built by DTK Holdings for a group of students who competed in an island-wide competition about food technologies and won 5th place. The website was built using WordPress and WooCommerce and was created to showcase the products that the students sold and allow customers to purchase them online.


Akarui Language Academy

Introducing the latest addition to DTK Holdings' portfolio: a sleek and modern website designed to showcase the company's expertise and services. With a clean and intuitive layout, this website provides a seamless user experience, allowing visitors to easily navigate and access the information they need.
Akarui Language Academy is a premier Japanese language academy based in Sri Lanka, dedicated to providing students with the best possible language learning experience. The academy offers comprehensive training in essential language skills such as grammar, spoken communication, and interview practice. With highly experienced tutors who have studied and worked in Japan, students receive expert guidance to achieve their language learning goals. The academy also offers online classes and materials for students to learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

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